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“Speed and Power – A Modern Approach to Athletic Training”  is the first book brought to you by Speed and Power ® to be released in 2018. The book aims to equip coaches with the knowledge to put science into practise and optimise the training process.

We have delved deep into scientific research on athlete performance and built an easy to digest, article-style format, forming a concise and accurate appraisal of the literature for the reader.

We present our information in a high-quality hard copy format with clear diagrams/graphs and photographs to help deliver the book’s core concepts.

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“A modern approach to athletic training”

Chapter content.

1) Introduction to strength and conditioning

2) The role of a modern strength coach

3) Athletic testing

4) Periodisation

5) Keeping records

6) Core training principles

7) Sport specific training

8) Athlete psychology

9) Recovery in sport training

10) Injury prevention

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